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A Tuscan-Themed Wedding

It is the year 2012, three years since our wedding; yet I still feel the the excitement and the inspiration to write about it. My purpose is three-fold: first, to honor my wonderful husband who became a crazily efficient “groomzilla” during the preparations. Second, to thank our supportive family and fantastic wedding suppliers who made our special day truly magical. Last, to share with you, readers, our laid-back wedding celebration that transported our guests to Tuscany!

It took our family convincing how we wanted to celebrate our wedding in a village parish church and to hold our reception in it’s backyard. We did consider having the celebration in the great churches in Manila and in comfortable hotels, but our hearts truly fell in love with the idea of having the wedding in our parish church, celebrated by our parish priest. As for the reception, both of us loved the idea of a “backyard” party, saving our guests time and effort from driving to another location. Thus, we decided to hold the reception at the Eco Park, the park behind our parish church. Having the reception at the park has a deeper meaning for us too, because this is where we used to spend time together when we were friends.

Set on our church and reception venue, we started the journey to make our wedding dream celebration come true. Unfortunately, we did not have much time in our hands to do everything on our own as both of us had to work full-time. Thankfully, Tita Celia Cunanan eased many of the painstaking tasks for us. I cannot tell you how precious was this decision for us to get a full-time wedding coordinator. We believe it’s money well-spent because I don’t think we could have pulled our dream wedding on our own. Aside from suggesting trusted suppliers and reminding both of us what we should be doing, our coordinator set-up meetings with all our suppliers, I think thrice, just to make sure that everyone had the same idea on how to go about our laid-back wedding. At that time, I found this quite timeconsuming because we scouted the place twice and had a meeting with our emcee and music men on a separate day. But looking back, I believe it was worth the effort, because as I said, our wedding was quite an out-of-the-box idea. As I recall, it was the first time for some of our suppliers to have a wedding in a village parish church and park, and they joined in on our excitement!

Five months passed, and finally our wedding day arrived! But before I go to that, can I just share how my wonderful husband took care of the last-minute preparations while I just sat in the salon and had my nails done! Yes, a few days before our big day, I let go of my worries. I believe my husband and I worked so hard to prepare for our wedding day, and that time, by God’s grace, I put my trust in my husband and suppliers... And they did not disappoint!

On the morning of our wedding, after heaving a hearty buffet breakfast with our families at Circles in Shangri-La, Makati, our coordinator checked-in on us for last minute reminders and what-have-yous. I can hardly remember what she said, because I was just too excited! After my wonderful make-up artist transformed me into a blushing bride, I slipped onto my all-lace wedding gown. It was love-at-first-sight the moment my couturier presented this Indian-made lace to me. So delicate and dainty, that I had her do a simple cut for my wedding gown... I love it!

After family pictorials at the hotel with our brilliant photographer, Lito Sy, my parents and I drove to church in a 1932 Studebaker. The church looked incredible! Gina Galang of the Royal Flower Shoppe transformed our parish church into a sight-to-behold. Colorful flowers on bronze posts, indoor trees and hanging crystals greeted the guests. Bernie Pasamba’s music filled the church as I solemnly walked to the alter to meet my groom. It was sheer joy as our family and friends witnessed our union...

A few steps away, awe and excitement filled us as we stepped into our reception area... We were transported into a romantic Tuscan wonderland. The park was a picturesque sight of warmly-lit elegantly draped tents with beautifully arranged flowers and a delicious array of food. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our wedding reception. My husband and I were carefree, relaxed and full to the brim as we ate our full-course meal during the programme. We even had second helpings, because Tita Vicky Pimentel of Cucina Victoria prepared such a wonderful and overwhelming feast: overflowing hors d’ oeuvres, excellent Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine plus a delectable lechon on the side, topped with a colorful array of delicious fruits and deserts. (My mouth waters every time I think about our wedding food!) To complete the Tuscan feel of our event, we had bottles sparkling juice (instead of wine) for the guests. Dylan Thomas was a spectacular emcee, keeping the programme lively and hosting fun games. Before we drew the night to a close (and begin the dancing), our parents gave us their well-wishes and advice on how to have a happy and successful marriage. Finally, before we dimmed the lights to a night of dancing, my husband and I thanked our family, friends and all the people involved that made the celebration a success.

...And so this ends my tale about my dreamy Tuscan-themed wedding celebration, an affair filled with love and laughter, a day I will cherish forever...

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