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KC and JING - Spanish Themed Wedding

Theirs was not a high school or college sweetheart courtship. Rather it was the spontaneous and lasting romance of two would-be doctors caught in their own sedulous and busy lives. The spontaneity of their relationship is best described by KC: “time literally stood still” in the crowded corridor University of Sto. Tomas hospital when he first he saw Jing in 2001. As saccharine as it sounds, it was actually quite ironically amusing – given that Jing wasn’t dressed in a gorgeous long gown or a skin-tight leather body suit. She was just in her scrub suit, looking all casual and in slight disarray. What made this all the sweeter is that little did Jing know that she has been KC’s secret crush since the year before they actually met. Like fate, the two were brought together by a common patient. KC was a physical therapy intern and Jing was a medical clerk. Lasting relationship? Indeed. From the moment KC courted and won Jing’s heart over, the couple embarked on seven loyal years of relationship, being there for each other as they went through medical school, passing the board exams and Jing’s residency training. Even in their post-wedding afterglow, they lovingly remember how they felt like they’ve already known each other for ages in their early days together. Seven years after the first date, the first kiss, and they still feel kilig with each other.

KC described that day he proposed to Jing as the perfect day. Jing didn’t have the slightest idea that it was the day – that is, until she found the first long-stemmed rose bearing a clue. After countless roses, the treasure hunt came to an end with KC standing with another bouquet of roses and of course, a diamond ring.

In the beginning, Jing and KC intended to plan and organize the wedding themselves, with the eager aid of both of their mothers. It was a group effort for the first six months, but then realizing that they needed a professional to make it the dream wedding Jing wanted it to be, they decided to hire a wedding planner. And it was one of the best decisions they made on the wedding. Even with only six months left to the wedding bells, Celia Cunanan and her team delivered a memorable dream wedding, not only for the bride and groom and their families, but for the guests as well.

The wedding was Spanish-themed, with a color motif of wine red and champagne. From the moment the ceremony started, everyone felt tingles up and down their spines as the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra played Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman’s Con te partiro for the wedding march. The church felt like a magical place, bursting with white roses and guests who came to celebrate the couple’s union. The bride’s bouquet was especially noticeable, as big and unique as it was – it was more than one foot in length and framed by actual fans. But her gown outshone everything else in the room. Made by Cora Antonio, it was a virginal confection adorned with French lace and electric pleats. Her jewelry, from Marilou Jewelry of Greenhills only complimented her entire ensemble.

Instead of the usual shower of rice, the couple was bombarded by butterflies released by the guests as they stepped out of the church.

The reception was idyllic; it was like being lost in a different world. Larry Natividad created magic with the layout, inspiring awe from everyone. Wine red and champagne colors graced every surface, fans decorated overhead, and every table held an intricate flower arrangement beyond imagining. The highlight of the reception was the bride and groom’s first (and second) dance. Deviating from the traditional waltz, KC and Jing performed a surprise number of Flamenco. To the delight of the more than three hundred guests, they had a second number, a Tango, which ended with a shower of roses. The applause and cheers were endless, and so was the pleasure of the guests. The specialness and unusualness of the couple’s dances best embody how distinctive and glorious their wedding was.

- by Grace Estanislao :)

Kenneth Chester Corpus and Jocelyn Dionice Estanislao
October 25, 2008
By Grace Estanislao
Church: Santuario de San Antonio Parish Church
Reception: Rigodon Ballroom, Peninsula Hotel Manila
Wedding Coordinator: Celia Cunanan, The Social Connection
Photography by Chito Ignacio
Wedding Gowns (Bride & Entourage): Cora Antonio
Hair & Make up: Jesi Mendez
Photographer & Videographer: Chito Ignacio
Flowers and Event Styling: Larry Natividad, Alexandra Petals & Foliage
Music: Manila Philharmonic Orchestra
Emcee/Host: Dylan Thomas

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