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A Heartwarming Thank You Message from a Blog

From Rob and Sam Johnson's blog:

I have known Mrs. Celia B. Cunanan for years. 11 years to be exact. I am good friends with her daughter, Cheryl, who happens to be my maid-of-honor. I was always welcome to hang out, eat and sleep over at their home and treated me like an extended member of their family. I have grown close to them over the years and saw how awesome their family was. Mrs. Cunanan or Tita Celia, as I fondly call her, happens to run her events planning organization called The Social Connection. I always knew in the back of my mind that this is the career meant for her because of her demeanor and her stature as a military wife. She always knew how to run her home well and was very personable. Of course it was natural for me and Robert to think of her when we just got engaged. I initially called on her to ask for her expertise on how to spearhead my year-long wedding planning in Boracay on a very limited budget.

We went to visit her at her home and we learned so much just from that initial meeting! Rob was raised in the United States and had to learn a lot of Filipino wedding traditions that he was never aware of. Tita Celia was so thorough and just plain amazing in how she was able to carefully explain to my then-fiance how these things went. To make the long story short, she saved me on that big task of having to explain to my fiancé why some things had to take place at our wedding.

As the wedding planning went into full gear, I realized that I truly wanted and needed a wedding planner who will take charge on the wedding day itself. I wanted to enjoy my wedding day in Boracay without having to worry about anything else. For Rob and myself, it was a no-brainer to ask Tita Celia to take charge of the day coordination. We did not even bother scouting for other candidates as Rob has so much respect for her and so do I. Not only that, we knew in our hearts that she will do a fantastic job. Without a doubt in our minds, we knew she was THE ONE, not because she was considered family but because she knew what she was doing and was going to be excellent at it.

I truly hope you find the wedding coordinator who will make you happy the way Tita Celia did for us!

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