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Argel Adarlo & Lin Montemayor

We may not have a good start of an ideal relationship and even it's not as perfect as others, we could say that we as different persons fit perfectly for each other. As teenagers couple in the beginning, we continued and was able to build a mature relationship. A relationship with a commitment to one another that is worthy to fight for, for the rest of our lives.

We managed to live together for seven years. Years full of joy and sadness, just like a normal relationship.. Yet those were the days of our lives that made us both strong. We laugh together, we cry together... We may not have the best of the best the world has to offer but being together in each otherís arms is the best part of our lives. Time flies and so we decided to keep our love sealed through marriage in the eyes of God.

The proposal:

We all know it's the most heart pounding moment on any man. And every man wants to hear the perfect answer. For us it's different, as we already both know we would not give up each other. So an ordinary day, I have a feeling that he's going to ask. He showed me the ring and put it on my finger. It fits perfectly. I was waiting for the question as what all ladies wanted to hear but it did not came out. I cried... but on that moment, he made me realized that it doesn't need to be asked because his silence already explains how much he is speechless to express how much he wanted me to marry him and he had been waiting for years for that moment to come where he will put the ring on my finger.

The marriage preparation:

November of 2009 we started to look for a church and reception. We don't have any particular in mind, all we know is it has to be on October 9, 2010. It's not an anniversary or any important event for that date, but it's just the first date that we both agreed to, then so be it.

As of that moment we were based in Clark Pampanga, and we wanted our wedding to happen in Manila as mostly of our friends and relatives are base there. It's 11 months more before the event but it's already difficult for us to find church and reception that would match for that date and we were getting stressed and there we decided to hire a professional wedding coordinator. Our first inquiry is to Mrs. Celia Cunanan of The Social Connection. We were amazed by how she handled weddings so we immediately decided to get her help. On the first conversation with her, it felt like our stress was already relieved. We were confident that we will be having a well organize wedding preparation from all the advices and stories we heard from her. She gave us all the suppliers she knows that could give us everything we wanted for our wedding. She has been a huge help. Everytime we need her, she always make herself free for us. There's no single moment that we were disappointed on everything she did for us. We could say that she's truly an angel that guided us all the way up to our wedding day itself.

Our Wedding details:

Wedding Day: October 9, 2010 (Saturday)
Time of Wedding Ceremony: 3:00 pm
Theme/Color: Celestial Theme / Dark Blue and Silver
Church: Manila Cathedral
Reception: One Esplanade
Caterer: Josiah's Catering
Flowers and Event Stylist: Teddy Manuel
Photo and Video: Lito Sy
Coordinator: Celia Cunanan of The Social Connection
Gowns: Edward Teng
Groom's suit: Randy Ortiz
Strings: Bernie Pasamba
Cakes: Vienna Cakes
HMU: Cherry Pacheco Uy and Bea
Invitation: The Write Impression
Souveneir: Baicapture
Emcee: Ms. Vet Lauzon
Mobile Bar: Sober Club

The Wedding Day

Unlike the usual thing couples do before the wedding day, me and my soon to be husband stayed at the same room the night before at Diamond Hotel. All our immediate family stayed at the same hotel the day before which helped to make us feel more relaxed and stress free. We were all excited for the big day.

At 8:00 am we both woke up to have our heavy breakfast. We then go to separate rooms for preparation and we'll just see each other again at the church. As early as that, the make up artist of my entourage came to start their makeup. All our suppliers, make up artist and photographer followed the call time given to them by our coordinator. I really loved how Cherry Pacheco did my make up as well as Bea for my hairdo. It was absolutely fantastic! Both moms were gorgeous too... We all get prepared as early as possible in order to be in church on time. I had all my entourage make up done at the hotel and everyone was beautiful! At 2:30 pm we were on our way to church and we arrived on time. I am starting to get sad because it was drizzling but I just think it was God's blessing to us. At exactly 3:00 pm the processional started in the tune of Canon in D. All members of our entourage looked fabulous and walked with attitude even all our bearers and flowergirls.. I was starting to get nervous but thanks to Ms. Jovy of The Social Connection for helping me feel relaxed. I walked slowly down the aisle full of happiness in my heart and all I am looking at is my husband to be.. All I wanted was to see the way he look at me while I was walking to marry him.. My entrance song is "two words" by Lea Salonga.

It was a moment I will never forget and I thank God for making it possible. I feel so blessed and thankful that finally after 7 years... This is it!

The ceremony was held by Father Vic. We personally requested him to marry us after the inspiring canonical interview he gave us. His ceremony was very meaningful because I've learned from him the true value of marriage and how to keep your marriage strong by putting God in the center of it and by doing full heartedly your responsibilities to your husband, a husband's role to his wife and to your future family. It was so heartfelt and we will always remember everything to keep our love strong.

When Father Vic said to my husband "You may now kiss your wife, Geeslin" I had an amazing feeling which I could hardly express. My heart was filled with joy and our first kiss as husband and wife sealed our promise to love one another till death do us part. I've seen all the happiness from my husband's eyes and it was unforgettable.

On our way to One Esplanade, I noticed that it looked like it did not even rain in that area which make me feel so happy. I then concluded that it's really God's blessing to our marriage. I thank God for the day.

We enjoyed a quick outdoor pictorial with our groomsmen and bridesmaids while all the guests were inside the event hall having their cocktails while our childhood and compilation of photos together within the 7 years of our lives was being played to entertain everyone.

The entourage processional started and we entered as newlyweds with an upbeat song "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz to give a joyous feeling to our guests that it's time to celebrate! I do not know what's the setup of the hall coz I would like to surprise myself and upon our entrance, I was blown away! I can't help appreciating how beautiful Teddy Manuel decorated the whole place. It was definitely beyond my imagination. It was an enormous set up! The flowers, table set up, the drapings and lightings were unbelievable! And I'll never forget how happy everyone was!

We had waltz as our first dance in the tune of "So Close" by Jon McLaughlin. I was nervous during the dance but still tried to enjoy our first dance as newlyweds.. Thanks to Tita Celia for the poppers which higlighted our whole dance.

Everyone was enjoying the hot buffet! A big thanks to Josiah's Catering for all the delicious food they served us. All were so overwhelmed with all the food and had their stomach full. Of course, how could you not love a dinner in a beautiful place with lovely dishes and wonderful music being played by Bernie Pasamba. Plus add the on site photo slideshow of preparation and ceremony taken and presented by The Master Lito Sy.

We were also so happy with our friends who made a special music and song number for us. They were awesome.. We thanked them for being a part of our wedding. What they did was so meaningful for us.

We prepared a short film of our love story for all our guests to know how we met and the real story behind us. It was actually our surprise presentation to everyone! We had that film shot for two days and those days was full of fun like we were just playing. We will definitely miss those moments of being an actor and actress for our own love story. Everyone was "kilig" and laughing while watching... I will never forget their reactions!!

All went smoothly from start to finish of the program and everyone was so happy for us. We still continued partying till midnight and thanks to soberclub for keeping the night alive!

We will never forget how everyone kept on appreciating how beautiful our wedding was which gave us a great feeling that all our hard worked during the preparation were all worth it when we see the priceless happiness of our family, relatives and friends. Even it was only an event for a day, it was a significant day we will cherish as we go on with our new life together.

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