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After the Proposal

Most couples are in a quandary on the next step to be taken after the proposal. I have a very strong advice to couples who have been steady dating and would like to proceed to the next level: immediately after the proposal, even before announcing the engagement, the very next thing to do is to enroll in a pre-marriage seminar, or pre-cana seminar. I have two very good reasons for this. First, is to avoid huge expenses go to waste in case of engagement break-up. Second, and most importantly, is to make the bond between the couple more solid after learning more things about each other.

There are so many seminars being given by parishes, but the best ones would be the stay-in weekend. Such seminars are being offered by Discovery Weekend (DW) or the Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE). Topics taken up are the sacrament of matrimony, how to deal with your partner, communication and dialogue, family planning, intimacy and spirituality.

I feel bad for the couple and their families whenever a wedding does not push thru. It's hard enough dealing with the emotional stress, but the financial strain makes it even difficult to accept.

This seminar has been taken for granted by people. Majority of the couples take this only because it is a requirement of the Catholic Church. And they take it after hiring most, if not all, the suppliers or almost very near the wedding date. Thus, we have seen several couples break up almost a month before the wedding. Some reasons could be because one or both found out they are not yet prepared for the married life; or that they are not really that compatible with each other.

However, I have also seen couples, and this is the majority, who are more in love with each other after taking the seminar. I found out that they are closer and more bonded to each other.

By the way, although the seminars are mostly sponsored by the catholic church, I understand that other religious affiliations are also welcome at the DW and the CEE.

So take my advice: after giving the ring and she said "YES", plan to hie off for a weekend together. After all, isn't it nice to be with each other, learn more about each other and know where you are going just after you decided to live together for the rest of your life?

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