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What Should We Know About Flowers?

What is a special occasion without flowers? Beautiful floral arrangements are a must at any occasion that demands elegance. Without a bridal bouquet, will the bride walk up the aisle on her most special day?

Every bride and groom desire to make their wedding day special, and the wedding flowers - the choice of floral theme, color and style - is one of the most effective ways to do so. For many centuries, brides and her entourage have carried bouquets and decorated wedding venues with floral arrangements. Nowadays, the possibilities are endless in providing you with an opportunity to choose your theme, color and style that reflect your unique personality and impress your guests.

Here are some of the most often asked questions regarding flowers:

How much amount do we allocate for flowers in our wedding budget? A suggested average allocation for flowers is 8-12% of your total wedding budget. This will include the flowers for the entourage including the female principal sponsors and the mothers, the ceremony and the reception décors.

How do we avoid spending too much on flowers?
There are many ways to save on flowers:

1. Reduce the number of your entourage. Less members of the entourage means your florist will have to create fewer bouquets.

2. Reduce the number of guests at your wedding. Fewer tables mean fewer floral centerpieces.

3. Choose flowers that are in-season. These are often less expensive and easier to find. Most florists have a book containing a list of the various kinds of flowers which abound in a particular season.

4. Choose less expensive flowers. There are flowers that are expensive no matter what the season. The imported ones will definitely be more expensive than locally grown ones.

5. Consider options other than floral arrangements for table centerpieces. Flower petals scattered on the table with candles of various sizes, tea lights or votive candles in glasses create an elegant effect that will not be too heavy on your budget.

6. Choose a naturally beautiful venue. A garden wedding ceremony or reception hardly needs additional floral arrangements, while an ornate church may hold on its own, needing less floral arrangements.

7. Most couples consider a wedding during the Christmas season where the venues are gaily decorated, again, needing less floral arrangements as the background décor is free.

How do we make sure that the flowers we ordered are the correct arrangement and color on our wedding day?
Ask your florist beforehand to do a mock-up for you of each flower arrangement that you ordered. Florists who own reputable flower shops can do this.

How do I know what size and shape of bridal bouquet will be suitable for me?
Bouquets vary in size, but they should always be proportional in size to the person carrying it. The bouquet should be no larger than the size of your face or head. Bouquets should not overpower the bride.

What are the different shapes and styles of bouquets?
The more popular ones are:

1. Round Bouquet - the traditional bouquet that is suitable for both formal and informal weddings. Sometimes called a "colonial bouquet".

2. Nosegay Bouquet - A small, round-shaped, cluster of flowers often not as dense as a traditional round bouquets. Nosegays often include more greenery, ribbon streamers, and are mounted in a "tussie-mussie" (a small, Victorian style, metal or glass, cone-shaped holder).

3. Biedermeier Bouquet - A bouquet, similar to nosegays, with blossoms of different type and/or different color placed in a defined circular pattern.

4. Hand Tied Bouquet - Generally round in shape, also referred to as "clutch bouquets". This type of bouquet consists of a simple gathering of flowers, which is bound and tied with a ribbon and stems left exposed.

5. Cascade Bouquet - An elongated style which features more flowers at the top of the bouquet then tapers downwards with flowing foliage and ribbons at the bottom.

6. Arm Bouquet - Also known as a pageant bouquet. It is composed of long-stemmed flowers that rest naturally across the inner bend of the elbow of the bride.

7. Fan Bouquet - A small cluster of flowers attached to an elaborate fan. It is reminiscent of the Victorian Era, and is popular for old-fashioned or vintage style, Southern USA style, and Asian-inspired weddings. It is now commonly used for Filipiniana weddings.

8. Pomander Bouquet - A flower covered ball suspended from a loop of ribbon. Flower girls and junior bridesmaids most often carry them.

9. Wrist Bouquet - Technically more of a corsage than a bouquet, this style is comprised of a small floral arrangement worn on the wrist.

This article came out in the August 18, 2007 issue of "ABOUT WEDDINGS" of The Manila Bulletin under "PLANNING MATTERS", PAWP column.
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